Titles and Dates listed below.

IMPACT (Imagination and Music – Professional Artistry in Children’s Theatre) is the professional children’s performance company of Jean’s Playhouse. The company writes and performs eight children’s musicals every summer; each is different and all promise a good time for both you and your kids!

Your kids will love the catchy original songs and wacky characters, all performed by the professional IMPACT actors!

Anansi – Keeper of the Stories – June 26th
Anansi, a spider of great cunning, out wits the Sky-God Nyami to bring stories back to earth.
Based on the folklore of the Ashanti culture from Ghana

Thumbelina – July 3rd
Thumbelina, a tiny girl, uses her imaginative and ingenious spirit to be true to her own heart.
Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen

The Bremen Town Musicians – July 10th
An aging donkey, dog, cat, and rooster, all discarded by their masters, band together and discover delight in their new found freedom! Based on the story by the Brothers Grimm

The Nightingale – July 17th
The Emperor falls in love with the song of the nightingale until he finds a bejeweled mechanical bird, but when he becomes sick who comes to his aid? Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen

Snow White and Rose Red – July 24th
Snow White and Rose Red are generous and kind. Confronted by both a dwarf and a bear, one day, the girls are in awe when things resolve unexpectedly.  Based on the story by the Brothers Grimm

Momotaro-Ogre Hunter – July 31st
Momotarō and his friends a talking dog, monkey and pheasant go to a distant island to fight the marauding ogres and save their village. Based on a Japanese fairy tale

How the Rainbow was Made – August 7th
Nanabozho, an Ojibwe spirit, deciding the world is too boring brings out his paints to color the flowers, and the day takes an unexpected turn.  A creation tale from the Ojibwe Nation

Humpelken-Pumpelken or the Adventures of Humpty Dumpty – August 14th 
Humpelken-Pumpelken and her friends defend the town of Eggland as it is attacked by a devious chef and his crew!  Based on an English Nursery Rhyme