Please come to to January 20th, 7 pm show.



Press release from Sean Edward Roberts, World Under Wonder


Claremont Opera House, Claremont New Hampshire

The theatre troupe will be having a teaser of the upcoming production of The Tempest at the Claremont Opera House on December 31st at 6, 7, 8, and 9pm. The play is about a mother named Prospera who is kicked out of her dukedom by her wicked sister along with her infant daughter. Prospera uses magic to and wit to seek revenge on her sister and to acquire her station back. Multiple fantastic characters come into the story such as Prospera’s magical spirit Ariel, and Prospera’s slave Caliban the monster.


World Under Wonder is a community theatre company located in Weathersfield, VT at their own theatre, at 5755 Route 5, Windsor, VT. Owned and directed by Sean Edward Roberts, World Under Wonder puts on productions with the main goal being to “provide personal growth and windows to creative exploration through the performing arts.” Sean has directed many shows throughout the years for multiple organizations and is very excited to get his own theatre going in Weathersfield, called the World Under Wonder Playhouse.

This will be the second year World Under Wonder will perform for First Night in Claremont. The first year was a collection of short stories performed in front of the audience on the stage. Due to the upcoming production, we have decided to use it as our First Night showcase. First Night will show multiple scenes from The Tempest so people can get a feel about what the full show will be like in January. This production is mostly youth driven with some roles filled in by adults.

December 31st is the First Night production at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm; each showing taking about 35 minutes or so. It is the same show over and over, so audience can come and see it, then take off to view everything else offered in Claremont for the New Year. First Night is free but we do ask kindly for donations to the organization for future productions we may put on.

We will be performing The Tempest on January 11th**** for school youth to come and see the show at 10am. Tickets will only be $5 for this show so many kids should come out to see it with classes that day to take advantage of the sale. The final performance will be January 20th at 7pm, tickets are $10 for the final performance and this is open to all audiences to come and see. Purchase tickets at the door.

****Please note that the 1/11 show may not occur. Please check back on that show.


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